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Golf Towels

Golf towels are our special range, we produce and continuously have stock of 20 different colors in our warehouse, size is 40x50 cm and fabric quality is 100% cotton 500 gr/m2 velour, we apply strong metal eyelet and high quality carabiner hook and  mostly do embroidery logo of our customers to these towels, our main advantage is there is no minimum order quantity. Picture is Tri-folded golf towel example.
pink golf towel with logo.jpg
Ekran Resmi 2017-10-19 10.41.26.png

Beach Towels - Digital Printed

Beach towels are 60% terry cotton back side and 40% microfibre velour front side, we apply digital printing on front side of towel, minimum order quantity is 100 pcs and this is a big advantage for a printed beach towel production. Sizes are generally 75x150 cm and 100x150 cm. If you want other special sizes, it is also possible to produce.


Swimming Pool Towels

Swimming pool towels are special towels because of chlorine resistance for pool water, dye quality has to be VAT dyed, common sizes are 70x140 cm, 90x150 cm and 100x180 cm, stripes can be vertical or horizontal. Picture is horizontal striped beach towel example, these horizontal stripes comes from weft yarns whereas vertical stripes comes from pile yarns.


Round Kitchen Towels - Torchon

Round towels are for use in kitchen, general size in diameter 70 cm or 60 cm, there is piping - bias closure around of the towel and an hanger in the center of the towel, we have many different kind of embroidery options available, fabric weight is mostly 400 gr/m2 terry soft absorbent cotton.


Fouta Towels

100% Cotton Fouta Towel, one side terry and other side is flat woven, with fringes on both short sides, it is very popular for light weight beach towel use and spa use, most common size is 90x180 cm and weight is 320 gr/m2.

Ekran Resmi 2018-12-12 13.34.37.png

Tennis & Badminton Towels

100% Cotton terry towel with 30*100 cm, 40*100 cm and 50*100 cm sizes, most popular towel style for tennis players, it is mostly done with an embroidery logo. Pictures are examples of jacquard woven and jacquard border, logo can be also done by embroidery option if the quantity is small.

tennis towel sample.png

Gym Towels

Gym towels are special towels which are designed for gym use, size is 30x90 cm / 30x100 cm and generally there is a zipper pocket on towel for cell phone and locker key. It is also possible to put your embroidery logo on towel or jacquard woven border.

gym towel.jpg

Hotel Towels

Hotel towels are biggest volume of our production, we mostly produce towels, bathmats, slippers and bathrobes of five star hotels, this requires a bit different quality than other towels, these products are more stronger and durable to industrial washing with all details, standart sizes are 30x50 cm, 50x100 cm, 70x140 cm and 100x150 cm. Logo method can be jacquard relief woven or embroidery.

Baby Towels

Baby towels are one of the most important item of baby care, we produce baby hood towels, baby capes, baby mitts. These products are mostly with 100% organic cotton but Bamboo mixed fibers also available.


Home Textile Towels

Home textile towels are popular with many different colors, decorative borders, and embroideries most common sizes are 30x30 cm, 30x50 cm, 50x100 cm, 70x140 cm and 100x150 cm.


Promotional Towels

Corporate and promotional towels are one of the most popular way to show your logo to the public. We are able to use all production methods to apply your logo on towels, it is also possible to produce labels, hangtags and different packing options to emphasize your logo.

Ekran Resmi 2019-04-09 20.00.04.png

Waffle Towels

Advantages of waffle towels are light weight and saving space according to thick terry towels, these towels are also absorbent and soft.


Bar Towels

We produce bar towels according to special customer orders, general sizes are 50x30 cm and 50x23 cm, fabric weight is 550 gr/m2 terry, production method is generally yarn dyed jacquard woven

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